Model Master Cement is a wonderful choice when needing glue. We have a wide range of glues that cover almost every gluing needs. For professional results each time, use non-crazing Clear Parts Cement & Window Maker. This glue is best used for. clear polystyrene parts like canopies, windows and windshields, and lenses to your plastic model kit.
•will not craze plastic
• does not yellow or leave unsightly residue.
•non-toxic, washes up with water(before it dries) if spills occur on your model.

For Making Windows: Clear Parts Cement also can be used to make small windows, as it dries as clear as glass! It is perfect for small aircraft cockpit and cabin windows, Auto headlights and side windows.
•Squeeze a small amount into a clean bottle cap or other receptacle. Dip a small brush handle into the cement and ease the handle around the window opening and then pull it out leaving a thin layer of film. This will dry as clear as glass resulting in a perfectly scaled, precisely fitting window.
•This technique requires a bit of practice so if you don’t get a perfect window the first time, wipe cement away and try again.