With Lionel’s LCS SensorTrack, you can add automated action to your layout!

LCS SensorTrack is a 5″ straight track section equipped with an infra-red receiver that reads data beamed out of all LEGACY locomotives that are equipped with an infra-red transmitter. It is a simple hookup with pre-made LCS PDI Cables available in a variety of lengths. It automatically programs LEGACY CAB-2 remotes with vital engine information, including road names and road numbers from any transmitter-equipped engine, replacing the orange locomotive modules.

LCS SensorTrack also replaces the TMCC Action Recorder Controller (6-14181), letting you record and then execute custom track actions and layout scenarios you create, such as customized stops, direction changes, throwing switches, and uncoupling. Actions are easily programmed via CAB-1L, CAB-2, or LCS App and each SensorTrack can store two custom recordings—one for each direction of travel.

SensorTrack Capabilities and Features: • Set the LCS SensorTrack to automatically perform one of eight pre-programmed actions every time an IR equipped locomotive passes over it.
• Pre-programmed actions include whistle and horn blows, CrewTalk, and bell ringing
• Arrival and departure announcements vary according to the engine’s direction of travel
• The LCS SensorTrack gathers all information directly from the locomotive without the need to use the orange module. This feature is especially useful when your layout hosts visiting locomotives (LEGACY Command Set required).
• Locomotive information and ID automatically load into all of your LEGACY CAB-2 remotes as they pass over the LCS SensorTrack, Create your own custom actions by recording commands made with your CAB remote or LCS App. • Actions you record can include opening couplers, activating switch tracks, or any command made with the CAB remote or LCS App.
• Your custom action can include up to 250 time-stamped commands
• Your custom recordings can be activated by all IR engines passing over the LCS SensorTrack or
• limited to just the locomotive that was used to create the recording.
• Each LCS SensorTrack holds two custom recordings—one for each direction of travel for each IR-equipped locomotive.

NOTE: The LCS SensorTrack works only with IR equipped engines. All Legacy locos made after November 2011 and ALL Vision locos are IR equipped. For a complete list of IR equipped locomotives, check out our website at . A LEGACY CAB 1L or CAB 2 is required.