Now operators can enjoy Proto-Sound 3.0 in older M.T.H. locomotives outfitted with M.T.H.’s original Proto-Sound sound and control system by having Proto-Sound 3.0 installed.

Each kit consists of a Proto-Sound 3.0 circuit board, a coil wound Proto-Coupler, various wire harnesses, new speaker, new mounting brackets, and headlight and backup lights. The kits are warranted for 90 days only when installed by JR Junction Train & Hobby who is an M.T.H. National Authorized Service Center. Each kit will require programming of a sound set prior to operation. The sound sets can be downloaded from the M.T.H. website at no charge but will require the DCS system in order to be uploaded into the upgraded locomotive.

Virtually all features found in factory equipped Proto-Sound 3.0 locomotives are included in the Proto-Sound 3.0 Upgrade Kit. These include conventional and command mode Proto Speed Control, full Ps3 digital sound effects, DCS command features, conventional and command mode Proto-Coupler operation, conventional and command mode synchronized puffing smoke on locomotives equipped with fan driven M.T.H. smoke units, and operating headlight control.

M.T.H. strongly encourages consumers to utilize JR Junction Train & Hobby’s Service Department for installation of the Proto-Sound 3.0 upgrade kit. As M.T.H. has long cautioned, upgrading a locomotive to Proto-Sound 3.0 requires significant rewiring of the locomotive, installation of new mounting brackets, soldering and careful wire management to prevent pinched wires that could damage the circuit boards. Consult with JR Junction Train & Hobby’s M.T.H. National Authorized Service Center for installation costs. Cost are estimated to range from $250 to $350 depending on the locomotive.