DCS Remote Commander Set

Product Number: 50-1033

The DCS Remote Commander is an inexpensive wireless solution capable of accessing the most popular command control functions programmed into Proto-Sound locomotives.* The DCS Remote Commander handheld controller features clearly labeled, one-button control of 9 engine functions. There are no function keys or special codes to remember. Access the locomotive whistle or horn, bell, smoke, direction and speed with just a single button push. You can also access Passenger Station or Freight Yard Proto-Effects, engine startup and shutdown sounds and control the front or rear Proto-Couplers with this lightweight, easy-to-use remote.
Adding a DCS Remote Commander to your existing layout is simple: just plug your power supply into the DCS Remote Commander receiver and the output wires from the receiver to your track lockon. The DCS Remote Commander can accept any power input (AC or DC) up to 20 volts and 8 amps making it a perfect choice for small and moderately sized layouts.

* Locomotives will ONLY operate with the DCS Remote Commander if they are set to the factory default settings. If the Factory default settings must be reset, the reset procedure must be done with a DCS Digital Command System (Item No. 50-1001). Using a conventional transformer with bell and whistle buttons to reset to Factory default settings will NOT properly reset the Proto-Sound 2.0 or 3.0 electronics to the correct address needed by the DCS Remote Commander to operate the locomotive.

Features •Speed adjustment in one-scale-mile-per hour steps
•Volume Control
•Front & Rear Proto-Coupler Control
•Engine Start-up & Shutdown Sounds
•Activate Passenger Station and Freight Yard Sounds
•Whistle/Horn Control
•Bell On/Off
•Locomotive Direction Control
•Wireless Communication With DCS Remote Commander Receiver
•LED Power On Lamp (Receiver Only)
•AC or DC Power Input
•Remote Requires (2) AA Batteries (not included)
• Unit Measures:6″ Long