This is a 1/48 scale assembly model of the German Heavy Tank Destroyer Elephant. The newly tooled 1/48 Elefant has extensive detail, even at this smaller scale, thanks to the extensive research conducted by Tamiya’s designers to make the 1/35 scale rendition.

The development of the full-size Elefant is an interesting case study in weapons development. Its chassis was developed by Porsche in the design competition for the Tiger I, but while Porsche was sure enough of its success to ready 100 examples of the chassis before the end of the competition, the design was not chosen. The “left over” chassis were turned into the Elefant on the orders of Hitler in 1942 – some 90 examples were built by May 1943. With armor plates, up to 200mm thick and a powerful long-caliber 8.8cm gun, it was a formidable piece of equipment, and served German troops until the end of WWII.

• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 172mm, width: 71mm.
• The form of the Elefant is captured in detailed 1/48 scale, including depictions of the 8.8cm Pak 43 L/71 gun.
• The large, boxy superstructure is authentically recreated, right down to its parts breakdown, which is based upon the jigsaw type plate joints of that on the real thing.
• Assembly type tracks use single-piece straight sections.
• Weights are included for installation in the hull, giving the model an authentically heavy feel.
• Includes 1 figure to depict a commander in the cupola surveying the scene in front of him.
• Includes 1 marking option recreating a 653rd Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion Elefant on the Italian Front, 1944.