Popular for its high capacity and robust design, the ACF 50.6′ Outside Braced Boxcar was first developed in the mid-1970s. Quickly gaining prevalence across North America, the type found homes on both class one and smaller railroads, resulting in many varied and vibrant paint schemes. The design remains popular to this day, and many can still be found hauling dry goods and materials from coast to coast. This Outside Braced Boxcar comes equipped with a track-powered flashing red LED light (also known as a Flashing Rear End Device or FRED). The Flashing Rear End Device is factory installed, operates on both DC and DCC layouts, and gives your train a modern finishing touch. Additional Features include: Operating Door, Highly Detailed Painted Body with Precision Graphics, Blackened machined-metal wheels with RP25 contours, Magnetically operated body-mounted E-Mate couplers, Blackened-brass axles with needlepoint bearings, Celcon trucks, and has added weight for optimum tracking.

Bachmann also offers a separate End of Train Device that you can use to replace the rear truck/coupler on a variety of rolling stock.

•Factory Installed FRED operates on DC and DCC Layouts
•Silver Series Rolling Stock – Fully Assembled with operating door
•Blackened Machined Metal Wheels with RP 25 Contours, Magnetically Operated E-Z Mate Couplers
•Non-magnetic Blackened Brass Axles with Needle-point Bearings, Celcon Trucks
•Added Weight for Optimum Tracking Performance, HO Scale 1:87
•Product Measurements: L 7.5 in., W 1.5 in., H 2 in.