#8 Pay-As-You-Enter Trolley w/Proto-Sound 2.0 – Green & Cream

Product Number: 11-2024-1

Introduced in 1909, the No. 9 Pay As You Enter Trolley is one of the ultimate collector’s items for tinplate trolley enthusiasts. Two different models were created, with a slightly larger version appearing in the No. 9’s second year, 1910, and lasting to the end of production in 1912.
The 1910 version was actually created from the No. 8 Pay As You Enter Trolley, also introduced in 1909. In fact, the only difference between the 1910 No. 8 and this 1910 No. 9 was that the No. 9 was equipped with two motors. The body was identical to the No. 8 and was painted the same dark olive green and cream colors.

The Lionel Corporation Tinplate version of the No. 9 Pay As You Enter Trolley is a faithful reproduction of the pre-war classic. The body and running gear are made entirely of stamped metal, and all painted surfaces are finished in beautiful baked enamel. This model will undoubtedly become a favorite on your standard gauge layout or display.

Choose from versions equipped with Traditional motors or Contemporary electronics and Proto-Sound 2.0. The Contemporary version features transit stop simulation available only from Lionel Corporation Tinplate. Designed specifically for our municipal transit cars, the unique Proto-Soundr 2.0 transit program features Station Stop Proto-Effects, allowing you to program the No. 9 to stop automatically at designated station stops. When configured to run on automatic, the trolley stops itself at locations you define and calls out station names; the trolley essentially runs itself. And when you program the No. 9 for an out-and-back route, it even reverses itself and heads back downtown when it reaches the end of the line – stopping along the way at each station to broadcast the name of the stop and the hustle and bustle of passengers coming and going.

Features • Metal Wheels, Axles and Gears
• Stamped Steel Body and Chassis
• Baked Enamel Finish
• Precision Flywheel Equipped Motors
• Operating Headlights
• Locomotive Speed Control
• Directionally Controlled Headlights
• Precision Flywheel Equipped Motor
• Lighted Interior
• Proto-Sound 2.0 With The Digital Command System Featuring: Station Stop Proto-Effects
• Unit Measures:19 1/4 x 3 7/8 x 6 1/8
• Operates On STD-42 Curves