Called “The Most Famous Train in the World”, the New York Central “20th Century Limited” is one of the classic and most recognizable named trains of the 20th Century. Connecting the great cities of New York City and Chicago, the “20th Century Limited” operated for more than 60 years. In 1948, the New York Central did a full upgrade of its equipment, in particular the “Creek” class observation car with its iconic big windows and neon lit tail sign, creating the defining look of the classic train as it would appear through to the mid-50s. Now, more than 70 years later, Kato USA has produced a picture-perfect replica of this classic streamlined train, ready to spring to life on your layout!

The post 1948 “20th Century Limited” was pulled by E7 locomotives, the 8th generation of EMD’s premier bulldog nose engines. These streamlined engines were painted in the NYC’s classic “Lightning Stripe” scheme, and are a perfect match to the 20th Century Limited model from Kato USA!

By combining both the 9-Car and 4-Car base set with the 2-Locomotive E7A set, modelers can create a near perfect replica of this train as it appeared in service in the 1948-1954 period!