The No. 89 Water Tower appeared in the Ives lineup between 1923 and 1930 in a variety of configurations. From 1923 – 1929 it featured an orange tank, black base and trim and featured “The Ives Railway Lines” lettering on the tank. The exact same tank was featured in the American Flyer line as item 2020.
In 1930, the No. 89 dramatically changed in appearance with the tank becoming much larger, painted in yellow and sporting a large decal. The tank sat upon a black tower with a red ladder and a green/gray base. A blue roof topped the tank and the base sported an etched brass plate. Interestingly, the tower itself was the same tower used on the Lionel No. 438 Signal Tower.

The M.T.H. Ives No. 89 Water Tower features the same tinplate metal construction as its 1930 cousin. Like the original, the M.T.H. Ives version sports a moveable water spout. Classic operating accessories bring any tinplate layout to life and these easy-to-wire and fun to use accessories are no exception. Just like the originals, each Tinplate Tradition accessory comes completely assembled and is ready-to-use right out of the box.